Crypto Donations

Accept donations in cryptocurrencies easily with ATLOS Donation Widget. The Donation Widget allows adding the donate button or link to your website. You can place it anywhere on your page. Users will be able to donate cryptocurrency without leaving your website.

Try it out here:

How to Install the Widget

To add the Donation Widget, include this code before the </body> tag:

Then add the donation button or link by pasting this code to any place on your website:

You can pass additional parameters to the widget:

merchantId your merchant ID
orderId (optional) used to track the donation
orderCurrency (optional) the donation currency, e.g. 'USD'
theme (optional) light or dark theme, defaults to 'light'

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Who Can Benefit from Crypto Donations

Placing the Donation Widget on websites and blogs can benefit a wide range of platforms, particularly those that rely on community support, provide valuable content, or have a charitable or nonprofit focus. Here are three types of websites and blogs that could benefit from adding crypto donations.

Nonprofit Organizations

Websites and blogs dedicated to nonprofit organizations often rely on donations to sustain their activities and support their causes. By prominently placing the Donation Widget on their website, these organizations can make it easy for visitors to contribute financially and support their mission. Whether it's a humanitarian group, an environmental organization, or a charity focused on a specific cause, the Donation Widget can serve as a call to action and help generate the necessary funds to further their work.

Content Creators

Websites and blogs that provide valuable content, such as educational resources, informative articles, or creative works, can benefit from crypto donations. Many content creators rely on user contributions to fund their projects and continue producing high-quality content. By offering the Donation Widget, visitors who appreciate the content can show their support by contributing financially, which not only helps sustain the website or blog but also motivates the creators to continue providing valuable information or entertainment.

Crowdfunding Platforms

Websites and blogs that serve as crowdfunding platforms can greatly benefit from incorporating crypto donations. These platforms connect individuals or groups seeking financial support for various projects, ranging from artistic endeavors to social initiatives. By including a prominent Donation Widget, these platforms facilitate the fundraising process, making it easy for visitors to contribute to the projects they are passionate about. The Donation Widget can help generate the necessary funds and encourage others to join in supporting innovative ideas and initiatives.

Websites and blogs that can benefit from allowing donations in cryptocurrency are those associated with nonprofit organizations, content creators, and crowdfunding platforms. By strategically placing the Donation Widget, these platforms can harness the generosity of their visitors and facilitate financial contributions, ultimately helping them achieve their goals, sustain their activities, and continue providing valuable content or support to their communities.