Accept Crypto on Kajabi

Accept crypto payments on Kajabi in a permissionless and non-custodial way. Follow the instructions below to add ATLOS Crypto Payments to your Kajabi website:

  1. Find Kajabi webhook URLs
  2. Create a custom script
  3. Add the script to Kajabi

Before you begin, if you haven't done so already, sign up at ATLOS Merchant Panel. The signup is very quick and takes only a few seconds. Once you log in, find the merchant ID under Settings.

Step 1: find Kajabi webhook URLs

Kajabi webhooks allow marking a product as purchased (or "activated") in Kajabi. You will need to find an inbound activation webhook URL for each of your products. See How to Use Webhooks on Kajabi for more details.

Step 2: create a custom script

You will need to create a custom JavaScript file that will show ATLOS payment widget on your Kajabi checkout page. You can download a sample script in the ATLOS Merchant Panel under Integrations -> Kajabi. However, this script is just a sample. You will need it to modify it to reflect how many products you have and which ones of them have subscriptions.

Copy you ATLOS merchant ID and your Kajabi webhooks URL for each product to that script.

Step 3: add the script to Kajabi

Once the script is ready, add it to Kajabi checkout page by pasting it in the Footer Tracking Code text box in Checkout Settings. See How to Add a JavaScript Tracking Code to Your Checkout Pages for more details.

And, that's it! Now, your customer can pay with crypto on your Kajabi site.

Subscription Payments

ATLOS Crypto Payments integration for Kajabi supports subscription/recurring payments in crypto.


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