Accept Crypto Payments

With a permissionless non-custodial crypto payment gateway
Accept crypto payments
Instant Onboarding

Instant Onboarding

Use your wallet to sign up. No KYC or paperwork is required.

Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments

Withdraw funds from users' wallets automatically for subscriptions.

Bulk Payouts

Bulk Payouts

Pay your affiliates and contractors in crypto with the mass payments API.


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Super Easy Integration

Add ATLOS to your website or app with only two lines of JavaScript:

2    <script async src=""></script>
4    <button onclick="atlos.Pay({merchantId: 'XYZ123', orderId: '123465', orderAmount: 19.95})">Click to Pay</button>

See it here in action!

Your Website

One-time payment:
Order number:ORD12345678
Recurring payment:
Subscription number:SUB1234
Monthly fee:$1.00

For the purposes of the demo, $1.00 worth of selected cryptocurrency will be withdrawn from your wallet. Please contact us to request a refund of this amount.

Recurring Crypto Payments

Recurring Crypto Payments

ATLOS is proud to be the first crypto payment gateway to offer a safe and fully automated recurring crypto payments solution, using our proprietary Timed Allowance technology.

With ATLOS, your users need to sign up for service only once and authorize subscription billing. From then on, ATLOS smart contract pulls funds from users' wallets at regular intervals automatically.

Web3 crypto payment processor

The Power of Web3

Web3 is a new technology that allows apps to run in a decentralized way without a single point of failure. ATLOS uses smart contracts (programs running on blockchains) to process payments. Unlike the legacy web2 payment solutions, ATLOS doesn't ever take custody of your funds and is resilient to attacks.

There is no KYC check, account verification, or email or phone number required to use ATLOS. You only need a web3 compatible wallet, such as Metamask, to start accepting payments. It only takes a minute to get up and running.

Accept stable coins

Get Paid in Stablecoins

With ATLOS, you never have to worry about crypto volatility. We only work with reputable stablecoins, such as USDC, USDT, DAI, and some others. They are either overcollateralized or backed by US dollar with auditable reserves.

Settlements in stablecoins allow anyone to accept payments, even merchants without a bank account! Should you decide that you wish to convert stablecoins into fiat currency, you can easily do so at a variety of crypto exchanges or peer-to-peer marketplaces.

Built-in fiat onramp

Built-in Fiat Onramp

Want to use ATLOS as your sole payment gateway, but worried that some of your customers may not have crypto on hand? No problem! We partnered with a fiat payment provider that allows purchasing crypto with credit cards or other payment methods in just few minutes.

The accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Apple Pay, Google Pay (Android only), SEPA, SEPA Instant, UK Faster Payments (UK only), PIX (Brazil only).

Processor Types Comparison

Fiat Processors Web2 Crypto ATLOS (Web3)
Recurring payments
Low fees
No chargebacks
No reserves
Instant payouts
No KYC required
Easy integration
No manual entry needed
Low vulnerability to attacks
Can't terminate a merchant
Can't freeze merchant's funds


Accepted Currencies

Accept bitcoin payments
Accept ether payments
Accept TUSD payments
Accept TUSD payments
Accept TUSD payments
Accept BNB payments
Accept MATIC payments
Accept USDC payments
Accept USDT payments
Accept DAI payments
Accept BUSD payments
Accept USDP payments
View the full list of supported coins and blockchains


Accept crypto payments on Shopify Accept crypto payments on WHMCS Accept crypto payments on WooCommerce Accept crypto payments on Kajabi Accept crypto payments on any website
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